Feed water degassing systems EUGEN BÜDENBENDER Behälter- und Apparatebau

Because we manufacture stainless-steel as well as ferritic tanks, we are perfectly equipped for manufacturing complete feed water degassing systems. We offer the degassing dome as well as the feed water tank from a single source. Our technology allows us to perform pressure testing of the complete unit.

Send us your specifications, and we will gladly design the wall thicknesses according to AD2000 or EN13445.

Upon request, we can also deliver your feed water degassing system completely insulated, with the fittings pre-installed.

Key data for our feed water degassing systems



Design and calculation

Optional: insulation

Your request

Thank you for your interest in feed water degassing systems from EUGEN BÜDENBENDER Behälter- und Apparatebau. We would be pleased to inform and advise you in advance about the most suitable application for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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