Conveying transmitters from EUGEN BÜDENBENDER Behälter- und Apparatebau

Over the last few years, we have further expanded our manufacturing options for conveying transmitters and pressure filters. With the latest machines and equipment, we are now able to realize wall thicknesses of up to 20 mm.

We calculate, draw and manufacture conveying transmitters. Thanks to our extensive technology options, we can also determine the correct transmitter wall thicknesses for load reversals, shearing forces, earthquake zone burdens and nozzle loads. The calculations are based on AD2000 code S1 and/or S2, or on FEM calculations.

Our calculations are all auditable, and are checked by the notified body during the design review. As part of our complete range of services, we also install the interior fittings (e.g. the filter elements for an air purification pressure filter).

Here again, it does not matter whether the pressure transmitter is made from normal structural steel or stainless steel.

Our services also include everything that has to do with manufacturing a conveyor transmitter – whether it is preparing and supporting end-customer acceptances, organizing freight and logistics, or picking entire shipments.

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