Buffer tanks from EUGEN BÜDENBENDER Behälter- und Apparatebau

Buffer tanks from Eugen Büdenbender GmbH & Co. KG are drawn and manufactured individually according to your specifications. We give you not just standard tanks, but customized solutions for your needs. We are flexible in terms of diameter and overall height, and we also create stratification systems precisely to your instructions – whether you need nozzle pipes, pipe bends, baffle plates or divider plates. If desired, our buffer tanks can be equipped with a manway opening for maintenance access, and can also be coated inside and out depending on your requirements.

We can also deliver tanks with optional insulation. It does not matter to us whether you need soft foam insulation for the interior or mineral wool insulation with a steel jacket for outdoor insulation.

Our buffer tanks are manufactured for customer specifications; each tank is made based on a custom drawing.

All of our buffer tanks are calculated and manufactured according to the AD2000 code, even if they fall under DGRL 2014/68/EU [Pressure Directive] Art. 4.3. Therefore we can also easily deliver the buffer tanks with a CE mark if you wish.

At your request, in addition to working with the pre-testing departments of the notified bodies and with various engineering offices, we can also create additional calculations for your buffer tank such as proofs of stability for earthquake zones or for wind loads, nozzle loads or wave loads.

Key data for our buffer tanks



Design and calculation

Optional: insulation

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Thank you for your interest in buffer tanks from EUGEN BÜDENBENDER Behälter- und Apparatebau. We would be pleased to inform and advise you in advance about the most suitable application for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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